Craig Holt is the author of three books, four screenplays, and a bunch of weird short stories. His novel Hard Dog to Kill was a finalist in both the Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association Literary Competition, and the Colorado Gold Writing Contest. When he is not scribbling in the pre-dawn hours, he is an avid (obsessive?) reader.

By day he is a professional coffee geek. Every two years he gets his tongue re-certified. You know – for the coffee business. (Really. That’s a thing.) In a previous life he was an expedition leader for an eco-tourism company. Between that job and the coffee gig, he has been lucky enough to visit more than 70 countries, with stops on all of the continents.

Because he believes that it’s better to wear out than to rot, he has participated in destructive sports all his life, including (but not limited to) football, wrestling, rugby, soccer, and Tae kwon do. He has completed marathons, iron-distance triathlons, and ultra-marathons.

Craig lives in Seattle with his incredible wife and kids, in an old house full of books. He is afraid of clowns and sharks.

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I'm a Native of the Pacific Northwest and a University of Washington graduate (BA Creative Writing and Literature). I claim that I'm a Tae Kwon Do black belt and will tell you that I've also completed an Iron-distance triathlon (The Grand Columbian Triathlon, it sucked). My wife thinks I'm a Boston Marathon finisher and an Ultramarathoner (50 miles, 100 miles). Together we've traveled to 6 countries, but selfishly, I've traveled to 72.

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