WildBlue Press
Publishers extraordinaire.

Phinney Books
Great independent bookstore owned and operated by cool people.

AJ Power, Painter
An exceptionally talented artist and a hell of a nice guy.

Kerning Cultures
A Middle East podcast dissecting the complex narratives of the region.

David Crowe
Hilarious comedian.

Powell’s Books
A city block of books, new and used. Me like.

Pacific Northwest Writers Association
Love it. Their mission is, “to develop writing talent through education, accessibility to the publishing industry, and participation in an interactive, writer community.” They also put on a great summer conference. (Where I met my editor and my agent.)

Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers
Outstanding writer’s association in Colorado that puts on an excellent conference.

Writers in Paradise
A well-designed conference with excellent staff. It’s a truly supportive environment for honing your craft.

Martha’s Vineyard Institute of Creative Writing
This summer will be my first trip there. I do know that it’s run by one of the nicest people (and best writers!) you could ever meet.

Coffee (Tell me where you are, and I’ll make a recommendation)